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Last updated: September 25, 2004

Ampex Batz Black Cat
Meet The Beatles / The Beatles' Second Album
Something New / The Early Beatles
The Beatles '65 / The Beatles VI
Help! / Rubber Soul
Yesterday And Today / Rubber Soul
Magical Mystery Tour / Hey Jude
The Beatles
Live! At The Star-Club In Hamburg, Germany 1962
The Lost Day by Day Rolls 2
Views Of The Road
Custom Pressing
George Harrison
The Smith Collection - George Harrison: May 1970
John & Yoko
The Smith Collection - John & Yoko: December 1969
Dr Ebbetts Sound System Kip The Kool Kat Lazy Cat
Die Beatles John Lennon
Move Over Miss L.
Paul McCartney
There's A Rock Show in L.A.
MBE Mirror Spock Misterclaudel
The Paris Concerts 1964-1965 deluxe edition CD + DVD Revolver
Die Beatles + Please Please Me
Mirror Spock Remixes
George Harrison
One Moment In Time II
Paul McCartney
Wings From The Wings
Flowers In The Dirt Sessions
Playmen Muic Purple Chick RAR
At The Beeb Discovered Tracks The Complete BBC Sessions upgrade for 2004 "Z" is for Zapple
Real Live Masters Secret Garden Silent Sea
George Harrison
Live in Denver Colorado 1974
Paul McCartney
Wembley Sunday, 9th 1979
Live in The People of Chicago
Live in The Alright of Chicago
The Lost BBC Tapes The Lost TV Tapes
Ups & Adds Volume 3
Ups & Adds Volume 4
Studio Mystery Tracks Sweet Zapple Unicorn
Studio Mystery Tracks Act.1
Studio Mystery Tracks Final Edits
Rock'N'Roll Music
Hollywood Bowl Concerts
Another Tracks of Please Please Me (new edition)
John Lennon
Imagine: Les Archives
Blackpool Night Out '64 - upgraded
04 Summer
An Inside-A-Bag Production Batz bmw
Back in Norway Gijon Rehearsal
Follow Me To Glastonbury
Paris Soundcheck
Red Sundown
Cafes OLE Crow Bell Front Power Retu 2004
Jamming The Phone In Gijon Wand Ihr Meh? All The Oslo
Back In The Sunshine Again
Rock in Rio, Lisbon
Macca Records Mid Summer Records Non Plus Ultra
Night In Prague Gijon Dress Rehearsal
Gijon Soundcheck
Wows in Madrid, Spain
Zurich, Switzerland
Au Stade De France
Midnight Express To Madrid
Norwegian Wood SWEN Records No Label
Valle Hovin Stadion Sunshine Soundcheck
Back in The Sunshine Again
Let's Hear It For John
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend
Musicraft Studio
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend Vol.1
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend Vol.2
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend Vol.3
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend Vol.4
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend Vol.5
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend Vol.6
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend Vol.7
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend Vol.8
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend Vol.9
The Lost Lennon Tapes Legend Vol.10

Updated: June 9, 2004

Central JFC Midnight Wax
Anthology Outtakes 1
Anthology Outtakes 2
Anthology Outtakes 3
Baggy Sweegin' USA!
We've Got Combs
Paul McCartney
Temporary Secretary
Musicraft Non Plus Ultra Palm Drive
George Harrison
Dark Horse Tour
George Harrison
Dark Horse 30th Anniversary Edition
Attack Of The Filler Beebs! 4
Vinyl To The Core - upgrade versions
Piccaddily Circus Studio Mystery Tracks Vigo Tony
Paul McCartney
04 Summer Tour Gijon
Early Style Oops... Shed!

Updated: May 24, 2004

Front Page misterclaudel new Vigotone
George Harrison
Live @ Big Egg 1st Night
Live @ Big Egg 3rd Night
Lost Mistral Tapes
Live in Peace
Paul McCartney
London Town Sessions
Tripping The Live Fantastic 2
Paul McCartney
Water Wings
No Tapo Records PeaceFrog Picture Perfect
Unbootlegged vol. 17 John Lennon
All My Friends Told Me...
Chronology 1
Chronology 2
Rattle Snake Red Square Secret Garden
Paul McCartney
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Paul McCartney
Tug Of War demos
Lympne Castle Sessions
Paul McCartney
Complete Cold Cuts Collection
Silver Apple Smiling Sphinx Studio Mystery Tracks
Millenium Remasters
US Capitol Versions
The Lost B-Rolls Secret Of Anthology
Secret Of Anthology 2
The Complete Get Back Sessions - Camera B volume 1
The Complete Get Back Sessions - Camera B volume 2
The Complete Get Back Sessions - Camera B volume 3

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